August 8, 2023

Why We Build Our Footlockers With Wheels

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Getting your kid ready for camp comes with a long to-do list. Just how many extra batteries does a flashlight need?

Then, when you finally pack everything up, you’re still faced with a big problem: How are you going to transport that heavy footlocker without throwing out your back?

This is one to-do you can cross off easily. A footlocker with wheels can have you rolling and on your way with zero orthopedic pit stops. But don’t get just any wheeled case — get one that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of a Footlocker With Wheels

You may think all footlockers are more or less the same, but they’re much more than bug-proof containers for clothes and sunscreen. The features truly make a difference. And when it comes to footlockers with wheels, those distinguishing features are efficiency, looks, and safety.


Without wheels, you have to carry your footlocker everywhere. A fully packed locker can weigh upwards of 100 pounds; moving it is definitely not a one-person job.

Transporting the case can be exhausting. It takes the fun out of heading off to camp.

On the other hand, it’s a breeze to move a footlocker with wheels. The highest-quality wheels can cross any surface with ease. Plus, there’s no need to bribe a helping hand — one person can quickly get the job done.


Some footlockers have detachable wheels for transportation. But detachable wheels create a bulky silhouette that damages the aesthetic of the locker. Detachable wheels can also throw the footlocker off-balance when it lies flat.

Built-in wheels allow the footlocker to maintain a sleek look and stay consistently level.


A footlocker without wheels can be a safety hazard. The weight alone can cause injuries from muscle strain. Plus, dimension-wise, handling a large footlocker isn’t easy. You can bang it against walls, doors, and furniture during transportation.

Even the objects inside the locker could sustain damage. Not only do you end up black and blue, but your stuff ends up crushed and broken.

Greater maneuverability results in greater safety every time. Footlockers with wheels simply carry fewer risks than those without.

Infographic: Why We Build Our Footlockers With Wheels

Uses for a Footlocker With Wheels

Most importantly, footlockers with wheels make parents’ and counselors’ lives better. They expedite the transition to camp by making loading and unloading easier. When your camper doesn’t have to struggle with luggage, they can jump right into making new friends.

Footlockers like these are useful any time you need to transport a child’s luggage — whether that’s for attending summer camp or visiting Grandma. And we guarantee you’ll only have to buy a Kangaroo footlocker once. It will last from your child’s first year of camp to their last year of college and beyond.

How We Build a Long-Lasting Footlocker With Wheels

At Kangaroo Cases, we combine the highest-quality materials with a solid manufacturing process to create long-lasting footlockers. In fact, we use the same processes and materials in our professional-grade ATA cases.

Our master carpenters construct each footlocker by hand out of birch plywood with tough ABS plastic exterior. We use Colson Performa caster wheels, which ensure easy, quiet rolling and turning. These materials are durable enough to withstand anything from rough handling to ugly weather.

While some of our competitors attach wheels to the outside of their lockers, we build ours directly into the case using a heavy-duty zinc alloy mounting cup. This creates more stable wheels that won’t break off like a camp romance at the end of summer.

Find the Right Footlocker With Wheels

Save yourself a summer of trouble — not to mention days of nursing various injuries. Make sure your camper moves in safely and easily by investing in a footlocker with wheels.

Our footlockers ensure years of use without issues. We can even upgrade older versions with new and improved hardware. Browse our collection today.