Case Repairs

No matter what case brand you have, we are happy to repair them! Keeping your cases in good working order is a challenge when faced with hours and hours of shipping time.

Naturally, we recommend our products, because they are designed to stand up to the torture of the many hands that move and handle them. If for some reason one of your cases takes a serious hit or takes too much abuse, turn to us, we can repair any ATA case. We offer this service to clients, in the hope of helping you in your business.

Can case panels can be replaced?

If a case takes a fork lift hit, that in most cases (pun intended) a case panel can be replaced. Let Kangaroo Cases make good on their word ‘protects like a mother’. Even if we did not build it, we want to keep your cases working for you. Schedule a review of the damaged cases today!

When cleaning cases, never use solvent based cleaners, they can distort plastic laminates. Did you know simple all purpose cleaner is the best surface cleaner…

Are casters the weakest link on a case?

If a caster gets tweaked, the performance of the flight case and staff can slow down greatly. Think about the last time you grabbed a grocery cart with a wobbly wheel and how frustrated you were pushing that around! Didn’t you want to pick it up and throw it over into the dairy products? Single casters can be replaced or an entire caster board might need an upgrade!

Some casters have grease fittings that can be revived with a little attention (Elbow Grease).

Can case hardware (latches/handles) be replaced?

If a handle loses its spring or a latch stops latching, it is easy enough to drill them out and replace. Poorly working hardware can be a safety issue: grabbing clothes, other cases and even your staff! Take time to evaluate and eliminate.

Never strap your cases in through handles…always make sure trucking company uses load bars.

Can case foam be replaced?

If your foam gets ripped or pulls loose you can have it replaced or glued back in your case. Foam that is not properly attached may cause damage to your gear or products being shipped. We can usually reattach foam or completely replace it if needed.

Don’t use hot glue to attach foam…it won’t last!

Can tongue and groove can be repaired?

If a flight case’s tongue and groove (locator/valence) ever gets damaged it can be repaired in most cases. This is the part of the case that allows the lid to close properly into the body of the case.

Have a periodic check done by ensuring there is no debris in the groove part. This will help the cases close properly.