Case Repairs

Has your case taken too much abuse? Send it our way. No matter what brand of ATA case you have, we’re willing and able to repair it.


Can case panels can be replaced?

If your case takes a hit from a forklift, the case panel can usually be replaced. Schedule a review of your damaged ATA case today — we want to keep your case in working order, even if we didn’t build it.

When cleaning cases, never use solvent-based cleaners. They can distort plastic laminates. Did you know all-purpose cleaner is the best surface cleaner for cases?


Are casters the weakest link on a case?

If a single caster gets tweaked, it affects the performance of the entire flight case. For example, remember how frustrated you got the last time you grabbed a grocery cart with a wobbly wheel.

Single casters can easily be replaced. An entire caster board might also need an upgrade. We carefully evaluate your damaged case to determine the best solution for you.

Some casters have grease fittings that can be revived with a little attention (AKA, elbow grease).


Can case hardware (latches/handles) be replaced?

If a handle loses its spring or a latch stops latching, it’s easy to drill them out and replace them. Malfunctioning hardware can be a safety issue, snagging on clothes, other cases, and even your staff! Take the time to evaluate and eliminate.

Never strap your cases in through the handle. Always make sure the trucking company uses load bars.


Can case foam be replaced?

Foam that isn’t properly attached could damage your gear or products. If your foam rips or pulls loose from your flight case, we can replace or re-glue it.

Don’t use hot glue to attach foam. It won’t last!


Can the tongue and groove be repaired?

In most instances, if a flight case’s tongue and groove (locator/valence) take damage, they can be repaired. This is the part of an ATA case that allows the lid to close properly.

Periodically check for debris in the groove part. Cleaning out debris will help your case close properly.