About Us

What is Kangaroo Cases?

Kangaroo Cases (KC) is a case manufacturer that specializes in custom ATA cases, standard cases, and footlockers.

Kangaroo Cases was founded in 1987 out of necessity in Dallas, Texas. The products available at the time were of poor quality, and there was a big need for long-lasting, protective cases.

Over 35 years later, Kangaroo Cases is still based in Dallas and creating the best quality cases on the market. We use the highest quality materials, and we never cut corners. Our customers trust us to protect their valuable assets, and we strive to deliver the best possible solutions in each unique scenario.

Kangaroo Cases was acquired in 2021 with the goals of growing the Kangaroo Cases brand and continuing to provide first-class products and services.


Who does Kangaroo Cases serve?

Our customers range from professional audio/video companies to medical device companies, and everything in between. We also produce the most durable camp footlockers available.

Whether it’s your first or 100th case, you can rest assured you’re getting the strongest, longest-lasting product in the business.


Why a kangaroo?

We get asked this all the time, and that’s part of the reason! A unique name sets us apart from all the other case companies out there.

Even though we’re born and bred in Texas, we love our mascot from down under. Kangaroos are the most popular marsupials on the planet, famous for protecting their young. For a high-quality case manufacturer, it makes sense to be named after a well-known animal that carries and protects precious cargo along its journey.

Our tagline also originates here: “Protects Like A Mother!”


What makes Kangaroo Cases special?

Our team is passionate about what they do and focused on each detail of our business. Every team member is confident in their role, which leads to excellent service.

We’re proud to be based in Dallas and love giving back to our community through involvement in organizations such as The State Fair of Texas Youth Livestock Show and the Men of Nehemiah.


Where is Kangaroo Cases HQ located?

Kangaroo Cases is located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas, next to Deep Ellum and Fair Park.

Deep Ellum is a vibrant neighborhood known for its live music, art, and great dining, while Fair Park is home to the world-famous State Fair of Texas and Cotton Bowl. Our historic building used to be the switch house for all communication coming into Dallas during the late 1800s and early 1900s. We’re proud of our Dallas heritage!

The Kangaroo Cases team is here to help you with any and all case needs. Please reach out to us via email or phone and let us know how we can help. You can also complete a quote request.



Kangaroo Cases is dedicated to protecting our clients’ valuable assets by designing and manufacturing the strongest and most dependable ATA flight cases.


Protects Like A Mother!