About Us

What’s in your case?

Kangaroo Cases knows there can be a myriad of answers to this question.  We know how important it is to care for the tools and items that mean the most to you and your profession.  Your corporate materials, trade show, audio-visual, medical, rescue, and technical equipment are your passion and your livelihood.  Making sure they are protected is ours.

For over thirty years we have been building superior road and flight cases to house and protect the items and tools that mean the most to you and your job.  We have developed a reputation for utilizing the best materials, proprietary manufacturing methods, and top notch customer service- which, we believe, makes us the best value in the industry.

With the various musical, audio-visual, staging and technical backgrounds comprised from the diverse team we have at Kangaroo Cases we know we can design a solution for your needs.

What’s in our case?  Convenience, Protection, and Mobility!

-The Kangaroo Cases Team