June 6, 2023

Cable Trunks vs. Snake Trunks: Which Do You Need?

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It’s time to pack up for your next big event. Your schedule is set, you know exactly what you need to bring, and everything’s going off without a hitch.

Until you find the cables you need — tangled in a monstrous knot.

Sound familiar? If you’re spending too much time managing out-of-control cables, you might be in need of a few cable trunks or snake trunks. Both are used to store cables, but a snake trunk features two side cutouts that allow for cables to pass through.

Which trunk is right for your next event? Keep scrolling to find out.

What Is a Cable Trunk?

Cable trunks are sturdy road cases used to store and transport the cables needed to produce live events like concerts. They protect cables and other gear from environmental risks like moisture and dust. They also keep equipment neat and organized.

Cable trunks are usually heavy-duty and come in standard truck pack sizes to ensure effortless loading. They can hold plenty of weight, so go ahead and pack as much as you can move.

Good cable trunks make packing and unloading cable easier and faster. They can also reduce the space you need to store and transport your gear. At Kangaroo Cases, we take that one step further: We make our cable trunks with caster cups on the lids for secure stacking.

Cable trunks often come with customizable features. Do you have a variety of cable types you need to keep organized? Dividers can create multiple internal compartments, and lift-out trays can help keep track of small equipment like adapters and gaffer tape.

What Is a Snake Trunk?

Snake trunks share most characteristics with regular cable trunks. They store cable and other gear, they’re strong and sturdy, and they’re easy to stack and transport. Customizable dividers and other features are often available in snake trunks, as well.

However, unlike standard cable trunks, snake trunks come with cutouts in their sides. These allow you to run cable through the trunks while storing the excess, keeping long spools of cable off the floor of your venue.

Snake trunks ensure a clean, professional look and reduce the hassle and safety hazards of loose cable. In some cases, you may be able to manage your cable with the lid shut, which offers an extra level of security.

Cable Trunks or Snake Trunks: Which Is Right for You?

So, which is best for your next event: cable trunks or snake trunks?

It all depends on the way you plan to use your case.

A standard cable case may be your best option if you only need to transport your cables to and from a venue. Cable trunks can be less expensive than snake trunks, so they’re also a good value if your budget is tight.

However, if you need to use your trunks on-site, snake trunks may be the better choice. They provide additional storage and functionality while blending in with the rest of your gear.

Snake trunks can be especially valuable if you travel to many differently sized venues. You can take all the cable you need to maintain a fast, flexible setup and still keep your extra cable safely out of the way so it doesn’t create a hazard.

Infographic: Cable Trunks vs. Snake Trunks: Which Do You Need?

Finding the Perfect Cable Trunks and Snake Trunks

Once you decide which type of case you need, it’s time to find the right model or design.

To make sure you add the perfect case to your cart, remember to take some measurements first. You’ll need to know where your cases will fit, how many you need to store all your cables, and what special features you want.

Whether you need standard cable trunks, snake trunks, or a custom design, Kangaroo Cases is ready to help. Browse our products or contact us today!