December 12, 2023

Why the Best Road Cases Are Made in Dallas, Texas

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At Kangaroo Cases, we create the toughest custom ATA cases, standard cases, and footlockers to protect your valuable assets. Based in Dallas, Texas, we're passionate about delivering the best quality products and being your go-to case heroes that protect like a mother.

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Kangaroo Cases wouldn’t be the same without Dallas. We’ve called the beautiful Deep Ellum area our home since 1987, and we’re headquartered in the historic Southwestern Bell Telephone and Telegraph building, which dates back to the late 1800s.

We value our vibrant past, but history alone doesn’t make Dallas road cases great. This city is uniquely suited for our business and our products.

Who Uses Dallas Road Cases

Dallas is home to small AVL companies, large corporations like AT&T, and everything in between — all of which use road cases. We at Kangaroo Cases are proud to protect their valuable assets.

AVL Companies

Dallas is an attractive location for all kinds of entertainment. Almost every major tour, whether it’s for a band, comedian, or stage musical, comes through the DFW area. Both massive productions and small shows require lights, cables, and so much more to go off without a hitch. Every piece of audio, visual, and lighting equipment needs a sturdy, safe case for transportation and storage.

Kangaroo Cases has worked with almost every major professional AVL company in the Dallas area, including Encore Global and Freeman. We provide our customers with exactly what they need at every venue, including AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Field, American Airlines Center, and more.

Infographic: Why the Best Road Cases Are Made in Dallas, Texas.

Schools, Universities, and Sports Teams

There are several large schools and universities in the area that use Dallas road cases for sports, productions, and computer equipment.

In addition, every major sports league has a team in Dallas. Between football, hockey, baseball, and basketball, there’s a sport for every season — and a road case for every need.

With clients like these, we’re used to fulfilling large orders on tight schedules.

Corporate Headquarters

Dallas is a hub for corporate headquarters and regional branches. With 21 Fortune 500 companies and 41 Fortune 1000 companies located here, it’s no surprise that business is booming for Dallas road cases.

Big companies such as Raytheon, Texas Instruments, UPS, and more demand the highest quality. We make all our cases in these elite companies’ image, using only the best materials and building processes.

Surrounding Communities

We’re proud of our Dallas roots, but we’re also proud to serve the surrounding cities, including Fort Worth, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and the other vibrant communities that make up the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Every area we serve has unique needs — we’ve truly seen it all! As a result, Kangaroo Cases can handle any custom request no matter how unusual.

Why Proximity Matters

Because Kangaroo Cases is strategically located, we’re able to cultivate face-to-face relationships with many of the people ordering and using our cases. We’re proud to offer great service, and we’re always available to answer questions and perform maintenance. Plus, as we get to know your needs, we can better help you find the perfect cases.

We’re also able to offer free in-person pickup for our local customers. When shipping is necessary, many national and international companies have shipping hubs located nearby, which keeps delivery costs low. The DFW airport — just down the street from Kangaroo Cases — even makes it possible for our Dallas road cases to have an international presence.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck With Dallas Road Cases

Our strategic location in Dallas, Texas, lets us offer hands-on collaboration and face-to-face communication. In many cases (pun intended), we can even eliminate the extra expense and inconvenience of shipping.

We love being at the center of the action here in Texas — and we’re always ready for you to join us. If you want to protect your equipment with the best Dallas road cases, contact us.