October 31, 2023

Different Industries That Use Road Cases 

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When you think of road cases, you likely picture audio, video, and lighting equipment being shuttled between venues for big events. While most road cases are built for the AV industry, there are countless other industries that use road cases to protect what matters to them.

Our mission at Kangaroo Cases is to protect our customers’ valuable assets. It’s a broad statement, but for a good reason — valuable assets come in all shapes and sizes, and we build cases for all of them.

Infographic: Different Industries That Use Road Cases

Industry #1: Medical

The medical industry frequently transports expensive equipment that needs to be in perfect working order when it arrives at its destination. Traveling doctors and nurses, trade show workers, and medical sales teams all rely on road cases to keep equipment safe.

Some cases go beyond transport and storage. We also build live-in cases, meaning the equipment can be used while it’s still in the case.

Industry #2: Construction

For our customers in the construction industry, the most common case we build is a tool case for tradespeople who travel between jobs. Often, they have specific needs for unique tools, so we construct custom cases in the right size and with the right internal protections, such as carpeting or foam.

We also build cases to keep high-end materials safe both during transport and at construction sites.

Industry #3: Military

We work with some of the top defense contractors to make sure their equipment is protected both domestically and internationally. Defense contractors depend on custom ATA cases to keep military equipment safe both in flight and on the ground. For especially sensitive assets, we can build cases equipped with extra-sturdy locks.

Industry #4: Outdoor Recreation

One of our specialties at Kangaroo Cases is making footlockers for summer camp and other recreational activities. We make them especially tough to stand up to the great outdoors, and they’re easy to transport, too.

But we don’t stop at footlockers. We make cases for a wide range of activities, such as gun cases and golf cases.

Industry #5: First Response

Undamaged, easy-to-access equipment is often a matter of life and death for first responders like firefighters, EMS professionals, and police officers. When they need a storage and transport solution, they turn to road cases for security and dependability.

Industry #6: Sports

If you’re keeping your eye on the ball, you might not realize how many cases sporting events require. Sports teams, stadiums, and production teams all have their own case needs. We’ve even made cases for the trophies presented at prestigious sporting events nationwide.

Industry #7: Music

The music industry is where road cases got their name, as entertainers took their shows “on the road.” Every instrument needs a unique case to keep it safe while traveling between venues. From drum vaults to guitar cases, from giant bands to one-man acts, we’ve built custom cases for every situation.

Industry #8: Performing Arts

The show must go on, and we help make it happen. Lights, rigging, and other equipment all need sturdy production cases to stay organized and protected at events. Quality road cases are especially important for touring performances, but venues have case needs of their own.

We’ve made cases for:

  • Rigging companies
  • Production companies
  • Touring bands and acts

and many more.

Industry #9: Art and Museums

Quality road cases don’t just protect assets from bumps and scrapes — they also keep out dust, moisture, and other environmental hazards that can cause irreparable damage. For this reason, museums use road cases to store priceless works of art.

Museums also use road cases to protect traveling artwork, such as paintings and sculptures, as well as entire traveling exhibits.

Find the Right Case for Your Needs

If your assets need protection in storage or on the road, Kangaroo Cases can build a case for you, no matter what industry you’re in. Check out our standard cases, or contact us today for a custom design.