February 6, 2024

The Pros and Cons of a Plastic Footlocker  — What’s the Best Option for Summer Camp?

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Preparing your child for summer camp is fun and exciting — until you end up with a serious case of sticker shock. After purchasing everything on the long list of camp necessities, you still need a footlocker to store it all. Should you go for a high-quality professional case or a more affordable plastic footlocker?

Often enough, it’s gut instinct to go with the cheapest option. We get it. Sometimes, cheaper is better — but not when your camper’s items come home in a trash bag.

Before you buy a plastic footlocker, weigh the pros and cons. Here’s everything you need to know.

Plastic Footlocker Pros

Plastic footlockers are the most convenient option in more ways than one. Not only are they lighter than professional-quality footlockers, but they’re also easier to find. You can buy a cheap, easy-to-maneuver plastic footlocker at any big box store.

Because of their convenience and affordability, plastic footlockers are a good option for kids trying out camp for the first time. If, after a summer away, you realize camp isn’t a good fit for your child, retiring the footlocker won’t be a big deal.

Plastic Footlocker Cons

Plastic footlockers aren’t built to last forever. In some cases, they may not even last a single summer. If you’re looking for dependability, you won’t find it in a single-use plastic footlocker.

Even if you only intend to use the footlocker once, you still have to be careful. With heavy use, plastic footlockers can become brittle, shatter, or fall apart — leaving your child with nothing to protect their belongings at camp.

Infographic: The Pros and Cons of a Plastic Footlocker — What’s the Best Option for Summer Camp?

How to Choose the Right Footlocker

The right footlocker will safeguard delicate items for years to come, while the wrong footlocker may be best left forgotten. How can you tell the difference?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you consider your options:

  • Who will use the footlocker? Knowing this can help you decide on the size and quality you’re looking for.
  • Where will the footlocker be used? Does the footlocker need to stand up to poor weather conditions and rugged terrain?
  • What will the footlocker be used for? A footlocker designed for storage and one made for travel will have different features, such as wheels, locks, or removable trays.
  • How long does the footlocker need to last? Do you want your footlocker to last for one summer, or through college?

Buying a Kangaroo Cases Footlocker

When it comes to footlockers, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Kids take pride in their footlockers, so why not get them the best?

At Kangaroo Cases, our footlockers are overbuilt and over-engineered. We construct them using the same materials and processes we use for our professional ATA cases. Your child’s swim trunks will get the same protection as a $10,000 piece of audio equipment!

Every year, as campers get ready for their summer adventures, we hear parents say, “I wish I would’ve just bought a Kangaroo footlocker to begin with instead of trying to make a plastic footlocker work.” For a sturdy, long-lasting case you won’t regret buying, browse our selection today — we’re currently taking preorders for the 2024 camp season!