November 28, 2023

What a Shockmount Rack Case Is and Why You Need One

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Rack cases are a type of road case built with internal rails for installing equipment like computers, broadcast gear, and audio technology. The cases are typically designed with removable lids so the equipment housed within can be used and powered without being removed.

Shockmount rack cases have an extra feature: a shock-absorbing inch of foam between the rack and the case shell. This foam isolates sensitive equipment from jolts and jostles to enable safer transportation.

Benefits of Shockmount Rack Cases

Rack cases are often large and heavy, and they can take a beating during transportation. For especially sensitive equipment, vibrations from loud music or the rumble of a truck often cause damage. The foam in shockmount rack cases lessens the impact of shocks like these, keeping your equipment safer than a standard rack case would.

In this way, shockmount rack cases offer peace of mind, especially if you don’t handle your own equipment. When you hand off your case to an unfamiliar road crew, you can rest easy knowing you’ve gone to every length to protect your gear.

Shockmount rack cases also offer additional space when their lids are removed. An extra inch on each side makes a huge difference when you’re running cable in a tight venue.

Infographic: What a Shockmount Rack Case Is and Why You Need One

Uses for Shockmount Rack Cases

Shockmount rack cases are most popular in tech-heavy industries such as professional AV, broadcasting, and gaming. They’re a common feature of broadcast booths, IT departments, and performance venues everywhere.

Also useful for touring bands, shockmount rack cases offer an extra level of protection on the road. They’re like an insurance policy you only have to pay for once.

Universities, schools, and libraries also benefit from shockmount rack cases. They keep publicly available computer equipment safe as dozens of users cycle through.

How to Choose a Shockmount Rack Case

When it comes to rack cases, size matters. As you browse preexisting cases or design your own, pay close attention to the measurements. Rack cases use RUs (also abbreviated as U), or rack units — a special unit of measurement equal to 1.75 inches. At Kangaroo Cases, our standard racks come in 12 RU, 16 RU, and 20 RU, but we can build custom cases in any size you need.

You may also want to add special features to your shockmount rack case. For example, we can turn the removable lid into an expandable table that creates extra workstation space on-site. While custom features like this add to the price, people find that the extra functionality is worth the investment.

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