May 14, 2024

Camp Stories (Case Study for Footlockers)

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Gather ’round the campfire, folks. It’s time for a story.

Our customers always tell us how much they love their Kangaroo Footlockers. We love to hear from happy campers, from the dad who shared how easily his son’s footlocker makes the packing process to the mom who gushed about how the wheels make transportation a breeze.

But footlockers are about more than ease of use. They enhance a camper’s experience and help them preserve their best camp memories.

Bo Rollins, our president and CEO, knows this personally: He still has his old camp footlocker. Get your marshmallows ready — here’s Bo’s story.

Infographic: Camp Stories

Bo’s Favorite Camp Memory

I was lucky enough to attend the Pine Cove Christian Camps in Tyler, Texas, for 11 years. I went at the same time every summer and looked forward to seeing the same people year after year.

My most fond memory is from the summer before my senior year of high school. Every day, the cabins competed for three awards: the spirit stick, the challenge award, and the cabin award. Getting all three at once was a big deal. We called it “unifying the belt,” and it warranted the proper amount of pomp and circumstance.

That year, my cabin unified the belt, and we participated in a huge ceremony that night. I remember how exciting it was to accomplish something so cool in my last week of camp.

I still reminisce about my time at camp. Occasionally, I dig out my old DVDs and VHS tapes to watch the summer recaps with my kids. It’s harder to find a VCR now, but I’m always ready to tell a story or two.

Bo’s Footlocker

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Kangaroo Footlocker, but I do still have the first trunk I got in the mid-1990s, which has my name stenciled on the front.

Like most campers, my footlocker was an important part of my camp experience. It was a hallmark of summer. Bringing it down from the attic to start packing was a moment I anticipated every year.

At camp, my footlocker did much more than hold all my items. I would post pictures and notes on the inside lid, making it a centerpiece in my memories, both at camp and at home.

It was a full-circle moment when I started with Kangaroo Cases and got thrown back into the world of summer camp.

Camp’s Lasting Legacy

Camp trunks represent an important part of growing up. They hold memories of those important moments when you’re away from home — maybe for the first time — and learning to live on your own.

They’re a nostalgic part of the American fabric that most people can relate to. Ask someone where their camp trunk is. They can probably answer right away, and they’ll likely have a few stories about their experiences ready to share.

It’s an honor to provide that vessel for the next generation of campers. I love giving them their very own time capsule for all the amazing experiences they’ll have at camp.

That’s why we make Kangaroo Footlockers fun, durable, and long-lasting. Contact us today to get one for your camper.