October 17, 2023

9 Event Health and Safety Tips for Crews

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In industries with tight deadlines, following proper safety protocols sometimes takes a backseat to getting a job completed on time. But which causes more delays — taking a few extra minutes to do things right or stopping everything to handle an emergency?

For a fast and smooth day of work, safety should always be top priority. Here are some event health and safety basics to adhere to on the job.

Tip #1: Latches

Latches are one of the most important aspects of event health and safety. Left open, they can snag clothes and even cause injuries. It’s also dangerous to leave valuable, delicate equipment exposed in an open case.

The simplest solution is to keep cases closed and latched. At the very least, make sure any latch, open or closed, is positioned so it’s flush with the case.

Tip #2: Weight Management

Even with casters installed, overpacked or mispacked cases are a safety risk.

To keep your team safe, first make sure that the weight is properly distributed across all your cases. Next, create a plan for handling each case — some will need a two-person team.

Tip #3: Brakes

Cases with wheels can go rogue, especially at venues with less-than-ideal storage areas. When you have to park your cases all over the place — or even on an incline — it’s best to know they’re still going to be there when you’re ready to pack up.

Casters are easy to upgrade with brakes to ensure your cases stay put, making them safer to store and handle.

Infographic: 9 Event Health and Safety Tips for Crews

Tip #4: Ramp Safety

Ramps make moving cases easier, but they pose new dangers as well. To make sure cases are moved in the safest way possible, seek out or create company policies for properly moving equipment up and down ramps.

Here are some typical protocols to get you started:

  • Stay above the item you’re moving on a ramp.
  • Have a partner stabilize an item while you move it.
  • Cover wet ramps with pads to prevent slipping.

Tip #5: Load Bars

Unsecured equipment is dangerous for many reasons. It can lead to case and equipment damage, and it can create unstable trailers, resulting in trucks flipping over.

Use proper load bars and straps to pack a truck full of cases. This ensures a tight, stable fit that keeps your fleet, your crew, and your drivers safe.

Tip #6: Handle Safety

Never use road case handles as lashing points. Even if they’re reinforced for extra strength, they’re not rated to secure cases for transport. Using them as lashing points can decrease their structural integrity and result in broken handles.

Instead of securing cases by their handles, attach straps and load bars to the truck not only to keep your gear stable during transport but also to protect your cases from damage.

Tip #7: Stacking Cups

Most cases can bear the weight of an additional case, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to stack them.

If you need to stack cases, use stacking cups and make sure they’re properly aligned with the case’s wheels. Going without creates a higher risk of heavy cases falling and hurting someone.

Tip #8: Hydration

Loading and unloading road cases is hard work in any weather. Hydration is a crucial aspect of event health and safety, especially when temperatures rise. Neglecting hydration can lead to dangerous medical incidents such as heat stroke.

Make sure every team member has access to plenty of water — and that they stop and drink it often.

Tip #9: Proper Rest

Crew members must be in top form to handle heavy, delicate equipment. That’s why, just like hydration, rest and shade are absolute musts. Schedule regular break times and provide a cool, shaded area.

If your venue doesn’t have adequate shade available, plan ahead and bring tents so your crew can rest out of the sun.

Making Event Health and Safety a Top Priority

At Kangaroo Cases, we build every case with safety in mind. Our sturdy road cases are made with durable materials to protect equipment and the hardworking people handling it.

If you’re looking for a case that protects like a mother, contact us today.