December 26, 2023

How to Care for Your Footlocker so It Lasts Forever

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A great experience at summer camp creates memories your child will treasure their entire life, and a single reminder can rekindle all the joy they felt.

What better reminder than a sturdy footlocker to can keep by their side every summer — and beyond? By protecting their footlocker, you protect the priceless memories they created at camp.

How Long Can Footlockers Last?

Kangaroo Footlockers are overbuilt and over-engineered using the same materials found in our professional ATA cases. You can trust them to last from your child’s first summer camp through their senior year of college. Think of them as a traveling time capsule — they’re built to last, and durable enough to protect the most valuable memories.

Basic Footlocker Maintenance Tips

Quality footlockers don’t require a lot of hands-on maintenance. In fact, most years, your biggest job will be tossing in a dryer sheet to keep it smelling fresh off-season.

Keep a close eye on the wheels to make sure they function properly. The last thing you need is to discover a broken wheel the night before camp. Treat the footlocker wheels like any other casters — occasional cleaning and lubrication are enough to keep them in top form.

A brand-new case can go years without advanced maintenance, but if you ever encounter an issue or notice any damage, bring it to our shop. Our repair service ensures you get the most value out of your footlocker.

Infographic: How to Care for Your Footlocker so It Lasts Forever

Cleaning a Footlocker

Cleaning a footlocker is fast and simple. First, let the footlocker air out for a few days after returning home. This will get rid of the odors that naturally result from a great time at camp.

To clean the outside of the case, soap and water do the trick for both the tough plastic sides and the metal hardware. As for the carpeted interior, a good vacuum can make your footlocker look like new. If your vacuum attachments aren’t cutting it, a lint roller makes an excellent substitute.

Storing a Footlocker

Our footlockers are built to endure camp cabins and rambunctious kids — they can certainly survive in your attic or anywhere else you’d like to store them.

But why limit the footlocker for only one season? Our cases are functional and stylish all year. They serve not only as the perfect place to keep dress-up clothes, toys, and games, but also as a standout room decoration.

When to Buy a Footlocker

To get as much use out of your footlocker as possible, buy one as soon as your child starts attending camp. Camp season typically begins in May, so beat the rush in March and April by ordering early. If you’re buying a footlocker before college, there’s a similar busy season leading up to the beginning of the semester.

It’s never too early or too late to purchase the right footlocker. If you’re ready to start storing precious memories in a long-lasting Kangaroo Footlocker, check out our selection here.