January 9, 2024

Our Favorite Road Cases Aren’t Flawless (and They Shouldn’t Be)

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At Kangaroo Cases, we create the toughest custom ATA cases, standard cases, and footlockers to protect your valuable assets. Based in Dallas, Texas, we're passionate about delivering the best quality products and being your go-to case heroes that protect like a mother.

There’s nothing like a brand-new road case fresh out of the carpenter’s workshop, complete with shiny hardware, smooth sides, and a fresh-smelling carpet interior.

But they don’t stay in that pristine condition for long. Road cases are built to be put to the test, and the best ones protect like a mother for a lifetime.

A perfect-looking case isn’t doing its job. Our favorite cases have logged some serious miles, and they come to us for repairs with decades of history behind them.

A Case That’s Seen a Whole Lotta Love

Because we repair any brand, we’ve seen all kinds of cases over the years. Recently, we restored an old case that went on tour with Led Zeppelin in the 1980s. It had an old carpeted exterior that the client wanted to remain intact. We retrofitted the inside with a fresh build, including drawers and extra storage space, but left the outside untouched.

Two worn and used Kangaroo Cases stand upright side by side.

While some carpenters might have treated it like a simple case, we saw a tangible piece of rock history. We can only imagine what happened around this case in its heyday!

Wearing and Tearing

Here at Kangaroo Cases, our mission is to protect our customers’ valuable assets. Each unique item must arrive at point B in the same condition in which it left point A. The case, though, is a different story.

One worn and used black Kangaroo Case is center image with a pink label.

We design our cases to be put through the wringer. Even the strongest building materials break under damage from forklifts, trucks, and fire, but aside from catastrophic accidents, our cases can handle just about anything thrown their way.

Scratches and gouges are like badges of honor. They demonstrate that a case is high-quality enough to stay functional even after taking a beating.

Your Case Won’t Quit You, Baby

Not all cases are created equal. Only a well-made, high-quality case will bear the brunt of years of travel.

We demonstrate our commitment to quality by designing and manufacturing all our cases in America — Dallas, Texas, to be precise. Because our cases are built and repaired in-house, we can ensure only the highest-quality tools and processes are used. Specifically, we use computer numerical control (CNC) technology to guarantee consistency.

One worn and used black Kangaroo Case is center image and wrapped in plastic.

But robotic precision isn’t the only piece of the Kangaroo Cases puzzle. Our cases are nothing without our staff’s passion, which is reflected in the products they construct by hand every day according to our customers’ specifications. The only corners we cut are precisely fitted together, then protected by durable steel hardware.

Hey, Hey, What Can You Do?

When we receive a unique case, we decide alongside our customers whether retrofitting or building new is the best option.

Price is often the deciding factor. Repairs use fewer materials and less labor. Unless a case is severely damaged, repair work is almost always less expensive than a new build.

Speed is another benefit of repairing a case. When your schedule is tight, there isn’t always time to design and build a new case. In these scenarios, we work with clients to customize and repair what they already have so they can return to work without missing a beat.

Whether your case is carrying years of damage or just needs a quick tune-up, we’re happy to help get you back on the road. Learn more about our repair service today.

Infographic: Our Favorite Road Cases Aren’t Flawless